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ICS - Integrated Connectivity Suite
Integrated Connectivity System (ICS) is the flagship product of CommunicAvia. This system provides open platform for IP connectivity on transportation device like aircraft, ships, bus, train etc. connected with any IP communication device from satcom to 4G LTE system. Designed with the philosophy of "cost-effective simplicity", the ICS system will be a solution to deploy IP communication system for any transportation device easily without incurring extra cost.
ICS now expanded to support more dynamic M2M/IoT platform, capable for powering Wi-Fi HotSpot, digital signage, RTLS indoor positioning, smart home system, attendance system, security system and many more.
MMTrac - Multi-Mode Tracking
The Multi-Mode Tracking (MMTrac) is a multi platform tracking system, designed with philosophy of user friendly and easy to use.
The system featuring simple website compatible with every browser from phone to lastest computer. The platform support popular devices from child tracker, staff tracker, vehicle tracker, marine tracker, aircraft tracker and custom defined tracker. Available as white label/OEM with easy customization.
NEOSky is an integrated M2M/IoT platform designed for aerospace industry. This system provides easy integration and implementation for air to air and air to ground M2M/IoT solution form ADS-B feed, aircraft tracking, flight data monitoring, flight data analysis and many more..


  • Broadband satellite airtime control
  • Connected aircraft
  • Vehicluar connectivity
  • Maritim broadband & crew welfare
  • Smart HotSpot
  • RTLS (Real Time Locating Service)
  • Cloud-based digital signage
  • Contacless attendee system
  • In-Flight Entertainment System
  • Smart home system
  • Security system
  • People bahavior analysis
  • Aircraft tracking
  • Marine tracking
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Personal & staff tracking
  • Children tracking
  • SOS & panic button solution
  • GPS-based flight analysis
  • Driving analysis
  • ADS-B datafeed solution
  • ADSB-based aircraft tracking
  • Flight following
  • Flight data analysis
  • Drone tracking system
  • Airport moving object monitoring
  • M2M sensor & analysis
  • IoT datafeed

About Us

Founded at Singapore in 2014, CommunicAvia focused on aerospace industry and IoT/M2M solution, delivering the most affordable solution for the industry.

In 2015 we received Tier 1 i.JAM micro funding financing via NTUitive Pte. Ltd., a Nanyang Technology University affiliates to develop our products.

Our solution can serve from aerospace sector to maritime sector and even to retail sector. We built affordable solution focused on low TCO and high optimization to give the best solution for our clients because "we understand".

Mission: To affordably offer best solution and empower our customer to give the best experience for cummunity.

Vision: To be the company that truly understand customer's needs and be global standard in aerospace M2M industry.

The Team:

CommunicAvia Pte. Ltd.

Singapore Office:
435 Orchard Road
11/F Wisma Atria
Singapore 238877
Indonesia Office:
Prudential Centre 22/F
Kota Kasablanka
Jl. Casablanca Raya Kav. 88
Jakarta 12870
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